Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Mom the Minimalist

I've got this yummy wool vest from my mom recently, and the spicy socks as well. I love the texture and shape of each, and find them very inspiring. Just in case mom is sometimes wondering how I come up with things... Dad is to blame for geometry though.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Housecoat, first try. I have been longing for a comfortable, yet attractive housecoat. This might be weird, but even while staying at home and working in my studio all day, still it matters to me what I wear. It changes every day, depending on my own mood, weather, and just how I might feel that morning.
Of course, I would not wear a housecoat to work, but on a Sunday morning, when it all slows down a bit, why not? This specific one has two cushions sewn in at the back; they hardly add any weight, but definitely comfort. The collar is held down in the back by adding a smooth velvet strap, so nothing stands in the way of Sunday morning comfort, not even a collar rubbing against your neck...
I am still developing the front, but for the most part, it is done.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ways I Dress

Ways I Dress is almost ready for production. I would like to play with the arm openings and the bottom edge, add more flexibility to it, as well as test some other fabrics I have. The idea is for this dress to be reversible, gray and black in this case, since it makes the back manipulation more appealing, in this photo six ways, and counting... Hope it is liked!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ways II Dress

I think I just might be getting closer to making a comfortable, every day, multi-way wear dress. Minus some minor technical details, and finishing touches, I would like to add, Ways II is pretty much done, and will soon be available at WearIt. This time though, I am making one for moi as well. First photo shows front to back wear, the second one is the opposite way, both with a belt, and the third one front to back without the belt. I like the dressy way, with the belt the best I thing, however the belt less wear would look great with some tights, high tops, and layered with other soft comfortable clothes you might have laying around, plus one dorky wool hat, the kind your grandma might have wore.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Be Happy Now

I've just bought a wonderful original print, and a very happy card from Jenny of Be Happy Now. Since I am preparing for my final critique, next week, I had to get away from my own work for a while, and purchasing some new beautiful silly art was just a way. I love Jenny's work, it makes me smile, and her little watercolors of villages and tiny cities remind me of home.
Also, Be Happy Now's 2009 calendar is here, as well as my sister Yellena's, so make sure you get them as they will not last!

DA DA F/W 08 Jacket

Just a few more pictures of my DA DA F/W 08 fleece jacket. Recently I've changed the background and have to say white is what I feel most at home with. I like the light, airy feel of it, simple and clear, especially the fabric one that I'm using now, and since the paper can fold and get creases this nylon fabric seamed like a perfect solution, as long as rolled in for storage. Still, I feel a real, live person shots would point my work towards a new direction.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tom Scott S/S 2009 is here!

Tom Scott Spring/Summer 09 collection is finally here! I love his work, how beautiful, nutty, yet unpretentious it is, not to mention wearable. He strikes a perfect balance between 'I want to wear this' and 'I want to hang this on my wall and look at it.' I'm in love!

New Photos, New Work...

My camera is finally back, and even though I am not where I would have liked to be with my photos, still this is such an improvement from before. You can see what I mean if you look at the old pictures of my DA DA Fall/Winter Jacket, just scroll down.
The second picture is a new reversible dress, and I will be posting more images tomorrow.
Being without a working camera, even though I am still searching for a perfect one, has been so difficult. My hope is I will find that perfect match, and love will never end, and I will be able to take great pictures... Also, I plan to start modeling my own work, and even though I am far from an ideal model, there is a lot to be said about pictures of clothes on a real person.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Izabela Gereb

Love these prints by Izabela Gareb, a newcomer on Etsy! Her work is not only bright and beautiful, but eco friendly. Visit her Etsy store to learn more. Izabela also makes great furniture, and you can see her collection here on Flickr. Welcome to Etsy!

As for me, my camera has finally arived, and I am getting ready to post pictures of new work, soon....