Thursday, September 25, 2008

Riding Across Florida

Maybe the best way to see Florida, riding on the back of a motorcycle... Greg and I took a ride from Melbourne to Tampa this past weekend, 160 miles and almost three hours of riding through some of the most beautiful parts of Florida, pass the woods and farm fields, orange groves, and small sleepy southern towns, odd middle of nowhere hotels and bars. There is nothing else like it, being a part of the landscape, feeling and smelling it all, and for a few hours being free...

Monday, September 22, 2008


I love this Etsy store! Bootleg has a true alternative feel and loose look, something you can almost only find if you take a peak at somebody's sketchbook. I love a tee shirt, a wristband, that does not look like something you've got at the mall. That's just a way Etsy spoils you so you can never ever go back to your neighbourhood department store!

Avery Winslow

Everyone knows the feeling of your little heart skipping when you discover just the right pair, in this case a pair of earrings I've got from Avery Winslow on Etsy just the other day (third picture from the top). I love these earrings, and they are my perfect pair already, seemingly raw and industrial, yet so very elegant, and light weight, just perfect for my hair length too. Can't say enough good things, just a big thank you to Catherine Hodge, a very talented designer/artist of Avery Winslow!