Monday, July 28, 2008

DA DA News

These days, I've been receiving some very sweet, encouraging emails from fellow Etsians, and I am so thankful. They've been a great push as well, for me to keep busy and not doubtful... Thanks! Not to mention my first two buyers, thanks ladies!
It's been twenty two days of DA DA, with twenty items currently in store, two pink/red ties sold, a few treasury appearances, one dress form destroyed and repaired, a few icky needle encounters... and not a piece of chocolate was harmed in the process (I will have to rethink the latter)...
These are my latest, DA DA Opening Night Dress, and DA DA Jacket.


Kinzie said...

i totally love this red jacket. it is way cute and looks very high fashion. what a great piece!

Danca said...

Thank you Kinzie!