Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hypo.Thesis Publication

Hypo.Thesis, the publication is now available on Lulu press, for purchase or as a free download. I must say I am happy and so grateful to Miss Megan Peck for writing such a wonderful review on my work. What can I say? She got me without ever even meeting with me, or talking to me about my work. It's really good when it happens. This is a small excerpt from the review:
"The venue of clothing, represented in a formal gallery setting as art, allows the audience to consider the presence of art in clothing. Art is too often considered a distant, isolated entity,
and clothing often considered a manufactured, throwaway medium. With her collection, Daniela Cosovic convincingly merges the wearable, utilitarian purpose of clothing with the aesthetic function of its design." Thank you Megan!

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angie said...

many, many congratulations!!!! I'm off to check it out on now!