Monday, December 3, 2007

My Own

These two pieces are from my latest collection. I was very interested in leaving a garment almost square/rectangular in shape, since that is the raw shape fabric comes in, so not much is discarded. And also, I wanted to see how far I can go with folding instead of cutting, and I'm pretty happy with the start.
First one, 'Dada,' could be worn back to front and inside out, since there is no real front, back, or the face.
The second one 'Pagoda,' has a collar on one side of the neck line only, that can be worn either up or down, according to mood, and also back to front as well.
I'm constantly trying to take the idea of versatility further, so less pieces are needed in your wardrobe, but yet nothing is missing. This also means less mindless mass buying, and more of a few well designed useful, well made pieces.

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Jessica said...

These are really fantastic and utterl y beautiful. Nice job!!